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July 10, 2020 2 min read

Auto aftermarket trends 2020 and the short coming years. blog will focus and cover the changes in the coming years towards automotive trends as they relate to eCommerce.


The North American automotive eCommerce market currently is worth over $16 billion USD and looking to grow approximately 15% a year. Historically this market has grown about 3.75% per year but with Covid-19, this year and the foreseeable future look to out pace that. The power and influence of the digital market place will continue to have influence on the auto parts industry as people become accustom to buying online. will also service this market place with the latest automotive accessories and trends featuring top quality and fantastic customer service. This new online business trend in consumerism is a fundamental shift in the consumer and it will envelope across all sectors. We are looking forward to watching it going forward.

Sales and statistics about the latest trends in automotive accessories including performance parts and accessories are are trending higher and in these blogs we reference our own market research at, SEMA market research, AASA research.

Currently the aftermarket/auto care industry employs nearly 5 million people, and includes over 270,000 repair shops and over 265,000 retail parts outlets. Vehicles drive more then 3 trillion miles per year on US roads and in Canada the average driver puts over 16,000km a year. Driving will continue as Covid-19 relinquishes its hold and governments reduce their restrictions. The major impact will not be to the repair shops as much as the 265,000 retail outlets. This will be impacted negatively and we would expect to see a good percentage of these to go out of business over the comping years.

Replacement parts and accessories are generally sold after a new vehicle is purchased. This "aftermarket" is the secondary market of the automotive industry and it's intended for repair, customization or enhancement of a vehicle. Vehicles will still be purchased in the coming years whether traditional gasoline or electric powered and peoples individualism and convenience comforts will still lend them to customizing their vehicles. 

Is there a better level of quality when it comes to aftermarket compared to Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)? Replacement parts that are made by the manufacturer of a vehicle are built to the manufacturer’s specifications. Aftermarket parts are made to similar specifications or in some cases may exceed OEM specifications. On occasion there is no OEM equivalent to an aftermarket part as they are not offered by the manufacture. Examples of these are like some of the accessories found on

Automotive eCommerce has a lot of growing segments as automotive technology is changing, more hybrids and electric vehicles are being purchased, mobile and online shopping is on the rise, autonomous and self-driving cars are very nearly here, Amazon and Shopify and Ebay are growing strong. All these indicators are pointing to a major change in the automotive consumer market in the short coming years and more and new exciting products are more conveniently availing themselves to the automotive consumer.

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