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Led Bulb 2W LED Car Parking Lights

T10 Led Bulb 5W LED Car Parking Lights

Don't be that guy... !!! ...  Your driving back from the grocery store and as your thinking about the great steak dinner you about to have with friends and family, when the jerk in front of you is stopping, but you don't pick up on this until you are almost into his rear bumper as apparently he has one or two or even three taillights burnt out or not working. As you slam on your brakes and try and catch your groceries and phone and passengers all flying towards the front of the car as us you slam into the back of the jerk who couldn't spend a couple bucks to let others know he is slowing and stopping...

These great inexpensive little T10 replacement bulbs for your cars exterior markers, interior lights, trunk light, license light, and door exit lights are designed to last up-to 40,000 hours so they will probably be the last lights you'll need to buy. All contained in a IP65 waterproof enclosure to ensure they continue to work when they are most needed. Using a super bright LED using a 2835 9SMD chip-set and design with silicone technology provide a 360° radius of illumination at 400 Lumens of colors including White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Ice Blue.

Grab a set today before you are the guys who has his car slammed into because you didn't bother to replace your old dark burnt out exterior marker and brake lights and ruin what otherwise would've been a great day.

Grab an extra set for your interior or trunk space as well as we've all been there when your looking for something in the dark inside your trunk or inside the car and its never light enough to see or the light just dose not get to all the spots you need to look to find your item. 

Ice Blue