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12 Pcs/Set Car Brake Disc Caliper Reset Tool Kit

12 Pcs/Set Car Brake Disc Caliper Reset Tool Kit

This easy to use retracting brake caliper reset tool helps with the the brake piston reset when replacing the brake pads.
Suitable for most vehicles, this fantastic tool is for those who like to do their own maintenance on their vehicles.
Have you ever tried to reset the piston back in to the caliper using a piece of 2"x4" and brute strength or even a C clamp that takes a bunch of fumbling around, does not fit correctly and/or does not give even pressure on the piston. I remember those days and having my knuckles all banged up, Brake fluid everywhere, and just a general miserable job to do just to save some money at the price gouging brake shops. 

This little handy device makes resetting that piston back into place very quick, effortless, and painless as it allows for an even retraction of the piston back in to the caliper by simply using the proper fit for the piston and twisting the screw handle.
Quick simple and easy to set up, providing even pressure so the piston retracts evenly into the caliper and not damaging the sides or getting it jammed. This tool makes for a fast professional job and provides you with a scene of pride and accomplishment that you can still be a master of essential repairs. The alternative is to be gouged by having to take your vehicle to a brake shop for hundreds of dollars to do a simple driveway job.
Grab this handy tool today, I just used it to redo the front brakes on my Corvette. It made it very easy and smooth to complete!!