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September 26, 2020 3 min read

Best Brake Caliper Paints

Blackcoupe has started a list of winter projects for you to consider in the coming winter, 2nd Covid19 shutdown. For those of us who like to add a little pizazz on our cars beyond the factory limitations for customization, or the exhorting sticker price for something as fun as brake caliper colors, turning to the aftermarket sales can fulfill our desire for owning a vehicle that’s a bit different than all the others.

Painting the brake calipers on your car is a bit trickier than just getting the old Tremclad spray paint in your favorite color. Using "around the house" paint on metal, with the extreme temperature fluctuations as your brake perform their base function of transferring friction to heat will burn off that color and can be a safety risk. For all the time, cost and effort to remove the calipers prep, paint, and reinstall everything, do it right! Blackcoupealso has tools you’ll need for the job like our 12 piece caliper reset tool

Prep is key, eliminating overspray and protecting key components from damage. The paint itself should also be designed for use in this manner. now what you’re doing.


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Top 4 Best Brake Caliper Paints

1. POR-15 Caliper Paint

Despite having one of the least consumer-friendly names, POR-15 has a strong reputation amongst people who know what they’re talking about. It’s a high-performance coating designed to be applied directly on prepped surfaces, particularly for automotive applications.

Their color choices for caliper paint include Red yellow or blue plus black and silver for a refresh of a factory paint coat color. POR-15 is formulated for high heat applications, and is advertised to provide a tough and attractive coating when properly applied.

Pros/Well-known name, many colors
Cons/Half-pint non-aerosol can

2. Dupli-Color Red Single Brake Caliper Kit

This kit from Dupli-Color includes a can of caliper aerosol cleaner to ensure the caliper surface is good and clean before splashing on the color of the choice. Dupli-Color also suggests it is dry to the touch in just 30 minutes, so you can have your wheels back on much sooner.

The package includes a paintbrush and some masking tape. Which Blackcouperecommends using as overspray is a always adrift and clingy to things you’d probably prefer to stay color free.

Pros/Includes cleaner, matte or gloss options
Cons/You'll need to buy more than one

3. G2 High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint

G2 touts this stuff as the most complete and easy-to-use kit available, though there are definitely some other well-thought-out kits on this list, G2 High Temp does includes tools necessary for painting a set of calipers though feedback in the comments recommend users source their own brush.

Pros/Long-lasting according to real-world customers and Pink and lime green options!
Cons/Pick up a good quality brush.

4. MGP Red Brake Caliper Covers

Last but not least on our Blackcoupebest caliper paints list is this option from MGP. It is not actually actual caliper paint but rather is a quick and less messy alternative product for coloring your calipers.  Instead of splashing the calipers with a shot of red paint, these covers slip over the units and are vehicle specific for a precise fit. No muss no Fuss!

MGP states a high quality aluminum makes up the construction and it has vehicle specific stainless-steel clips, No plastic is used.. The latter is important because you definitely don’t want these things falling off, jamming your braking system, and ruining an otherwise pleasant day.

Pros/Looks the business with model names and silver details
Cons/Very expensive