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September 04, 2020 2 min read

Five Dirtiest Places inside your Car

New research shows the interior of a vehicle has more bacteria and viruses then you might think. There are five main areas of your interior that are easy to clean with BlackCoupeCleaning Products.

Number 1. Car Stereos are notorious for collecting germs and bacteria. These infotainment centers are high touch surfaces that are constantly exposed to everyone’s hands. A car stereo can be nearly four times (371%) dirtier than a toilet seat, closely followed by the gear stick (331%). These expensive and high technology systems cant be cleaned using the old methods.  Using BlackCoupe Cleaning products such as our Super Clean GelCleaner will lift odd dirt and grime without damaging your Infotainment System.

Number 2. Gear Selectors are another high touch area of your vehicle that requires constant cleaning. In a contamination tests, researchers for BlackCoupe  swabbed 10 key touchpoints in 10 different vehicles to discover whether our cars are as clean as we think they are. BlackCoupe has many products that can assist in keeping your auto gear selector clean including Covid19 atomizers.

Number 3. Heat and Air Conditioning Vents can contain lots of dust and debris that when you run your HVAC system can blow bacteria and other contaminants into your face and breathing area.  BlackCoupehas a great vent cleaner to get all those nooks and grannies where dirt and bacteria collect.

Number 4. Windshields interiors are hard to get clean, especially in the corners. The dirt and film that collect on the inside of the window is annoying and disgusting but with BlackCoupehandy extended microfiber cleaning brush will make this chore quick and easy.

Number 5. Car Seats are where everything collects from the outside and your passengers come and go getting inside several times with snacks and drinks and dirt on their clothes. BlackCoupe has a great deal on seat coversthat are machine washable and will save your interior.

To provide a comparison, an office toilet seat was also swabbed to determine how the levels of bacteria compared to inside cars. The research also compared parts of a family car to that of a worker’s truck. Surprisingly, parts of the car were shown to be almost twice as dirty as the workers truck. The inside door handle of the car had 196% more dirt than the truck, while the car mirror was 52% dirtier.

The COVID-19- pandemic has made us all more aware of our surroundings and things we are exposed to and touching. It has never been more important to increase our good hygiene standards such as washing your hand, using sanitizer, and disinfecting surfaces. BlackCoupe can help your car needs and this new normal of cleaning so don’t forget to disinfect their cars, as they have far more bacteria than one might expect.

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