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August 21, 2020 2 min read

Screens and Cameras

More screens and cameras are becoming increasingly popular for drivers these days and with the automotive industry making these devices standard safety equipment, your vehicle should not be left out. BlackCoupe has the latest and greatest camera system for your vehicle.

Aston Martin just revealed a new tri-camera rearview mirror system that will be on display in a 2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. This tri-camera mirror system is similar to other camera side view mirrors already in existing cars like the Audi E-Tron and Lexus ES but the integration is different. Instead of replacing the side mirrors with tiny camera modules, Aston Martin is keeping the mirrors and simply adding a single camera to each one. Also, instead of displaying the side camera feeds near the A-pillars, it’s routed into the small screens in the mirror itself.

The simplicity of these wireless camera systems allows for individuals to install it themselves. In most cases, installation is under five minutes. Even those who aren't tech savvy can install a  backup camera system from BlackCoupe themselves without a problem. Once a system is installed, the customer doesn't have to worry about installation problems or difficulty as the system is fool proof to install as there is only a power cable to plug into your dash power outlet. No need to troubleshooting as there is minimal installation requirements to install. If you're looking for high-tech gadgets, a backup camera from BlackCoupe is definitely the way to go.

We all know a vehicle walk around before you get in is a standard safety practice. On the job or even at home, we can all see the value of a walk around before backing your vehicle as there may be a small child playing behind your car, or someone walking along the sidewalk that you do not see. Even a toy or some debris can be struck while your are reversing. All of these scenarios can cause at a minimum damage and expense to the worst outcome of all, injury or death!! If your vehicle is not yet equipped with a backup cameras and you are considering the safety aspect you should know the backup cameras is just another layer of protection. Think of it as insurance, its there if you need it!

The cameras system from BlackCoupe  also has a continuous loop record feature for the forward looking camera. This handy feature will let you record any events that may cause damage to your vehicle. Like someone backing up with out a reverse camera that hits your vehicles front end. Or someone running a light at an intersection and your camera captures the infraction that clears your in a accident situation.

At  BlackCoupe  our system costs less than other standard camera systems and ours gives you dual lenses to capture all the action surrounding your vehicle.

Swing by BlackCoupe and shop for this safety back up camera system and right now at BlackCoupe we have our August Black Coupe days spin and win and SAVE !!!