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August 14, 2020 2 min read

Last Summer Long Weekend Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip for this years last summer long weekend with your family or friends ? If your answer is yes, then you might be wondering what can you do to keep them entertained in the back seat during the long drive. Both kids and adults are always asking “are we there yet?” and the team at BlackCoupecan help with several entertainment options for everyone.  

  1. Universal Seatback Storage and Seat Coversincludes several features designed to keep your little items all securely stored and easily accessible.  It can be used to secure your phone or iPad device as well for viewing a movie or watching videos during the drive.
  2. Providing some protection for your vehicle should be a consideration as you know it will be getting some wear and tear on this trip. BlackCoupehas some great products to help keep the wear and tear down to a minimum like our 3M paint protection stripsthat will prevent all those door dings from other in the parking lot.
  3. You know there will be a lot of stops and all that getting in and out of the vehicle to see the great landscapes and attractions
  4. Keep in the family or friends fueled up is just as important and with all the stops at fast food places and gas stations and all the eating and drinking in the car, the BlackCoupe Universal Seat Coverswill go along way to keep your vehicles seats well protected as well as very comfortable.  
  5. Good Old fashion car games: From I-Spy to Yellow Cars, are tons of fun, but todays kids, teenagers, and adults are all wanting to keep up with social media on their phones, or play games, or txt one another with the updates of the trip.
  6. The Mini Car Humidifier from BlackCoupewill let you all have a relaxing and refreshing trip because we all know that after some time in a vehicle that has had people in it eating and snacking, the odors in the air become a little stale but with the humidifier and some scented oils, this trip will be energizing and refreshing with every breath.
  7. After this long weekend is over and your trip was a great experience, you’ll no doubt want to give your vehicle a bit oof a spa day to help it relax after all its done for you and by giving it a real good clean inside and out with BlackCoupe products like our HVAC Vent Cleaning Tool and Super Auto Cleaning Gloop Gel you’ll have lots of tools at your disposal to get into all these nooks and crannies that are hard to clean. These items make that a breeze!

Swing by BlackCoupeand shop for the essentials to make this last summers road trip a great experience. Right now at BlackCoupewe have our August Black Coupe days spin and win and SAVE !!!