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July 23, 2020 2 min read

Vehicle Accessories Buying Tips

Car accessories is an increasing market segment and by 2022, the global automotive accessories market is expected to reach about 522 billion U.S. dollars. While most car enthusiasts won’t spend near that or go to the extreme of decorating, accessorizing, or customizing their new whips, many will consider giving their car a more personal look or want an increased comfort or convenience and BlackCoupeoffers some simple advice before buying.

With tens of thousands of accessories and customization options to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed with customizing and accessorizing your vehicle, even if you have customized and accessorized before. BlackCoupesuggests the most popular interior and exterior accessories are ones that you can install without a lot of effort or cost.


Avoid Mistakes When Selecting Car Accessories

The most common mistake we see at BlackCoupeis new vehicle owners buying accessories for their vehicles based on other people’s opinions or what the salesman suggests. Performance exhaust systems, window tinting, aftermarket rims, paint protection film, and ceramic coating are all great for the show me car but our advice to customers is always to drive a new vehicle before adding any exterior accessories in order to allow the void that must be filled by an exterior accessory to stand out. With exterior accessories, they are more involved and usually require specialized installation tools and knowledge, may not meet local or state laws, and/or usually require a shop to help install. Interior accessories are just usually plug and play and make a world of difference in your daily commute or weekend road-trip!!

Great Vehicle Interior Accessories

Interior accessories differ because they are usually more about the driving experience, comfort, and convenience. A common mistake is to pick out stuff or the latest trend vs a needed and useful accessories. Try imagining what driving would be like with AND without the particular accessory. Does it help or hinder the drive and ends up flying around the interior or cluttering the console. Great interior accessories will be make your life easier such as helping to clean and organize your car like BlackCoupes Front Seat Gap Catcher, or an item like BlackCoupes Universal Car Seat Covers that offer fabric seat protection and can be washed periodically. A Heads UP Display (HUD) can greatly improve your safety and driving experience and all are on sale this week.

Any quality accessory should provide value at a reasonable cost, but foremost it should dramatically improve the experience of ownership and make life easier.