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Dual Lens Car Camera Rear View Mirror

More screens and cameras are becoming increasingly popular for drivers these days and with the automotive industry making these devices standard safety equipment, your vehicle should not be left out.

The simplicity of these wireless camera systems allows for individuals to install it themselves. In most cases, installation is under five minutes. Even those who aren't tech savvy can install this great camera system themselves without a problem. 

Once a system is installed, you'll never have to worry about problems or difficulty as the system is fool proof to install. If you're looking for high-tech gadgets, a reverse camera system from BlackCoupe is definitely the way to go.

We all know a vehicle walk around before you get in is a standard safety practice. On the job or even at home, we can all see the value of a walk around before backing your vehicle as there may be a small child playing behind your car, or someone walking along the sidewalk that you do not see. Even a toy or some debris can be struck while your are reversing. All of these scenarios can cause at a minimum damage and expense to the worst outcome of all, injury or death!! If your vehicle is not yet equipped with a backup camera, you should considering the safety aspect is another layer of protection. Think of it as insurance!

Our Dual 1080P FHD Camera provides you extra piece of mind when parking with its High Definition (1920 x 1080P @ 30fps) for both front and rear view camera. It provides a super night vision view in low light conditions. It is flexible and convenient for you to adjust the view angle and can be easily adjusted to suit the driver.

The 1080P dash cam has an ease of installation as it sides over your existing rear view mirror and can display the rear view when car starts and goes into reverse with crisp and high resolution in day or night. The original equipment manufacturer 'look' makes the mirror dash cam perfectly integrate with existing mirror.

The Ultra-Wide Field of View provided by the wide angle lens eliminates blind spots and alleviates all the worry as it records everything happening in front and rear. The camera also provides loop recording so you can continuously record capturing all the action and when the memory storage space is full, it will start overwriting the earliest segment so you ll always have the latest recorded video available. With G-sensor enabled, it will automatically lock and store the video when it encounters a sudden shock and collision. Mirror dash cam provides video proof of an accident that happens to be capture by the recording.

Easy Setup with this display mirror dash cam, and when its turned off, it's used as a regular rear view mirror while driving. The mirror dash cam is strapped on to the existing original mirror using rubber straps. 

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